Around the World 5k

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In 2015, Around the World Virtual 5k was created by a group of American expats as a way to raise funds and awareness about Diamond Blackfan Disorder. The run was started to not only focus on a great cause, but also come together as a world-wide community to do something that's both fun AND meaningful.

This year we are thrilled that the

Around the World 5k has selected Stone Soup PDX as the beneficiary! 

Stone Soup is gearing up for our first class of program participants! Your donation is a ground-floor investment our business, supporting a grass-roots effort to keep people off the street in Portland. 

Your gift of: 

$54 buys a set of wine glasses (you’ll need something to drink out of when you visit!) 

$80 purchases a new uniform for a program participant

$250 builds our Herb Rack - the MOST local fresh herbs!

$450 pays a program participant’s salary for a week




The T-Shirt orders have closed. If you are desperate to get your hands on one of these beautiful shirts, email us and we'll dig in the warehouse for extras.

We encourage participation in whatever way works for you and we will support you, encourage you, and and maybe even award you (by a random drawing). 

The list of participating cities:

Abu Dhabi  -  Abuja  -  Addis Ababa  -   Amman  -  Ankara  -  Annapolis  -  Antananarivo  -  Arlington  -  Astana  -  Atlanta  -  Belgrade  -  Berlin  -  Bogota  -  Brasilia  -  Brooklyn  -  Brussels  -  Bucharest  -  Canberra  -  Chennai  -  Chicago  - 

Ciudad Juarez  -  Colombo  -  Conakry  -  Copenhagen  -  Denver  -  Dublin  -  Erbil  -  Fairfax  -  Falls Church  -  Geneva  -  Ho Chi Minh City  -  Jeddah  -  Johannesburg  -  Kabul  -  Kampala  -  Kigali  -  Kuwait City  -  Kyiv  -  La Paz  -  Lima  -  Lilongwe  -  Manila  -  Maputo  -  Mexico City  -  Mountain Home  -  Nairobi  -  Naples  -  Osaka  -  Oslo  -  Portland, OR  -  Pretoria  -  Prague  -  Recife  -  Riga  -  Sapporo  -  Skopje  -  Taipei  -  Tallinn  -  Tbilisi  -  Tirana  -  Vienna  -  Warsaw  - Washington, DC  -  Winnipeg  -  Yekaterinburg

To connect with a participating city near you, join the Around the World 5k Race/Walk private group on Facebook


In 2015 we raised $1421 for the Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation (22 cities)

In 2016 we raised $2,170 for the AAFSW Crisis Fund (38 cities)

In 2017 we raised $5,090 for Save the Children (Syrian Refugee Children) (51 cities)

In 2018 we raised $2,000 for the AAFSW Crisis Fund (55 cities)

Our goal for 2019 is $7,500. Help us get there!